Juvenile Defense

Juvenile Defense

Having your child accused of a DUI, drug crime or other criminal offense is completely overwhelming. Fortunately, an experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney from Kopelousos, Bradley & Garrision, P.A. will not only make the process less scary, but will work diligently to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

With juvenile crime, meeting with an experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney sooner than later is particularly critical for a variety of reasons. For instance, the arresting officer has more leeway in regards to whether he or she will actually arrest your child. Some lesser offenses will result in a warning or sometimes a warning delivered directly to the minor’s parents or guardians. Also, since there are no jury trials in a Florida juvenile court trial, the juvenile court official alone will evaluate the evidence and make a decision in regards to guilt and sentencing.

Our legal team is made up of former prosecutors and a former public defender who will be with you and your child during any interrogation and throughout each step of the legal process, working diligently to help avoid serious repercussions and consequences for the alleged offense. We also have extensive experience in record sealing and expungement to help prevent the charge from negatively affecting your child’s future. Please contact a juvenile defense attorney at Bradley, Garrison & Komando P.A.. at 904.269.1111 for a free consultation today.

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