More on Traffic Violations

At Bradley, Garrison & Komando P.A.., we take a detail-oriented approach to traffic violation defense cases, beginning by interviewing you to obtain as much information as possible regarding the circumstances surrounding your moving violation.

We examine every aspect of your case to see if the police officer violated standard procedures or failed to perform their duties as required. We explore every scenario to determine the best course of action and will attend your trial to question those testifying against you. Our team of criminal defense lawyers has had proven success in getting charges dropped or reduced for clients with a variety of driving offenses.

We are prepared to provide defense representation in cases involving the following:

Reckless driving
Expired registration
Expired license
Running a red light or stop sign
Failure to signal when changing lanes
Failure to wear a seatbelt
Driving under the influence
Driving without a license or with a suspended license
Leaving the scene of an accident
Violating license restrictions
Hit-and-run accidents

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