Juvenile Drug Crimes

Has your son or daughter been accused of a drug-related crime? Whether your child has been accused of or arrested for possessiondrug sales, or any other drug crime, you need to retain a juvenile crime defense attorney as soon as possible to help make sure that your child does not receive unfair or excessive punishment. Juvenile cases can carry lifelong consequences.

It’s important to note that the juvenile court system is different than the regular adult court system and criminal process. For instance, there are no jury trials in a Florida juvenile court trial. The juvenile court official alone will evaluate the evidence and make a decision in regard to guilt and sentencing. In addition, the arresting officer has more leeway in regard to whether he or she will actually arrest your child. Some lesser offenses will result in a warning or sometimes a warning delivered directly to the minor’s parents or guardians.

Regardless of the charges that a juvenile faces, relying on an experienced attorney is your best chance of obtaining a favorable outcome for your child in juvenile court. Our legal team is made up of former prosecutors and a former public defender that have the experience and persistence it takes to be effective with juvenile drug crimes. Call Bradley, Garrison & Komando P.A.. at 904.269.1111 for a free consultation. We’re ready to discuss the facts of your child’s particular situation and begin building a defense.